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A Powerful Practice to Welcome Your Divine Child

Posted by Kimaya Crolla-Younger on October 16, 2014 at 5:20 PM

This practice can be followed either alone or with a friend or therapist.

  • Find a space to be with yourself and sit comfortably and vertically… allow your eyes to close and look into the blacknesss…noticing the sensations in your hands and your feet…bring your attention on the breath,… allowing the breath to deepen,… noticing your jaw,… inviting the breath in and out through an open mouth and from the centre of the body.
  • Visualise …yourself… slowly going down a flight of stairs, down… down… down…
  • A narrow, short corridor lies in front of you… with a door at the end…walk towards the door. On the front of this door you notice a number, a number less than 10…as you become aware of the number, the door disappears and you see a young child before you, the same age as the number on the door… this child is YOU…and it has something to share with you, a message…be OPEN to what form this sharing takes…it might be some words, it might be an object, you may notice sensation in your body… …listen closely, for this child is from a deeper part of yourself, and is longing to be heard…pay attention to anything you notice about this child.
  • See if a response emerges from you that you wish to share with the child and, if so, share it in a way that feels authentic to you…finally breath in the essence of this child…into your pelvis, into your belly, into your heart…placing one hand on your belly and the other one out in front of you…You notice that the child is becoming smaller and smaller, and becomes a tiny swirling ball of energy, that swirls around you, then goes into the palm of your hand…slowly and tenderly you lift your hand and place it onto your heart…, allowing your child to become one with you…taking a few breaths in and out through your heart… Deepening your breath…visualise the energy from your child filling and inhabiting your whole body…using your breath to direct this energy…take a few moments to notice how you feel…bringing your attention to the sensations in your hands and feet, you retrace your steps along the narrow corridor…and you walk…slowly…back up the stairs… Feel the contact of your body where you are seated…then move your attention upwards to your belly and your breath. Bring your attention further up to your heart. …and…in your own time, come back to the space and open your eyes.


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