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A Powerful Practice to Accelerate Your Awakening

Posted by Kimaya Crolla-Younger on September 5, 2014 at 7:35 AM

So, we are (almost!) at the end of the Summer. Personally, it has been a time of profound inner discovery that continues to deepen in my body, giving me a grounded, embodied and very real awakening, rippling through the whole of my life. I want to share a little of this with you.

The Subtle Mystery of Grace. And here is where I mention Grace. Just what is Grace and where does it come in? Without bringing religious conditioning into the mix, it seems to be an aspect of the unfathomable intelligence of the universe. It can also be seen as the expression of your higher self, which, if surrendered to (surrender is key here), can support and facilitate one’s life in a new chosen direction. Grace is yours for the asking and is a gift – if you are willing to see it.

I have recently been reminded that nobody changes without Grace. Transformation takes place when we ask for grace to enter our lives to help us change any limiting situations and beliefs. Grace has a powerful and essential part to play in healing. But please don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself - the powerful practice that I’m about to share can profoundly accelerate your awakening.


I had a profound encounter with Grace on the first workshop I ever attended in 1998. There were about 300 people gathered. I remember feeling apprehensive (read that I wanted to run!) – lots of people seemed to know each other and they were doing ‘weird’ hugging. I was still working for a Corporate in the City back then, and I can assure you that we didn’t hug in the office!!

One particular pattern I had at that time, would be to leave the room, whenever I felt that I was going to cry, go and sit somewhere and cry alone. This workshop was no exception, and I left my seat and went into the nearest private place; the ladies loos. Imagine my surprise (and humiliation), when some of the participants went to find me and bring me back to my seat. This experience was very healing and transformative for me. Something made me look up at the ceiling, and I was stunned and amazed to actually see the golden rain of Grace showering down on us all.

What is Real, what is Unreal

One area I continue to have a certain degree of tenacity for is wanting to explore and discover for myself what is real and what is conditioning and patterning in us (what I refer to in the title as Unreal). I am amazed time and again by how much we (albeit unconsciously) delude ourselves about choices that we operate from. I have worked with hundreds of people, in the desire to uncover underpinning beliefs that create our reality. Let me give you an example…

I was working intensively with a group over a seven day period. One of the participants was a retired man, who was virtually silent apart from when anything about love and relationship was mentioned, then you couldn’t stop him! As the week unfolded, my sense was that there was something a little ‘off’ in what he was presenting. On the last day this man finally spoke about his relationship life. He firmly believed in something he called ‘soul contracts’ and gave a convincing explanation of this belief and how he saw it playing out in his life. I invited him to look a little deeper and, with his willingness, I uncovered the time he lost his mother when he was 8 years old. He had had very little time with her in his young life, and sitting on her hospital bed just before she died, he decided something about love, and something about woman. He decided that he should have saved her, and that women were fragile and needed looking after, then they would not leave him. These beliefs were unconscious but had completely underpinned his relating with woman his whole life. As this belief rose to the surface of his awareness, he was able to feel and release the unexpressed grief that was keeping this belief and pattern of relating in place, and move forward in his life with a much greater ability to enter his next relationship from a clearer place.

These, let’s call them ‘beliefs about life’, are decided during times of strong emotional responses to a particular situation, sometimes overwhelming or traumatic and often when we are very young, and they continue to define and shape our reality, unless we become aware of them, rescind them and choose again.

This practice that I share with you will accelerate your awakening…

Step one - Uncovering a belief or pattern

As you read through the above example, perhaps you became aware of a particular belief or pattern that is very familiar to you, and keeps reappearing in the dramas of your life. If nothing emerged, let me ask you a few questions, which may help you to go deeper than the surface. Your first response is the right one.

How do you feel about love? What are the statements that you say about love? How do you feel about men, women? Look back at any defining moments in your life, anything around survival, trauma, particularly parents divorcing, losing one of the family, or chronic illness.

Write out what you discover in a journal or on paper. For example, one belief might be ‘I have to sacrifice my needs to be loved’, or ‘I have to be small to be loved’.

Step two – rescinding the old beliefs, commitments or intentions

After examining your old beliefs, commitments or intentions, you are now ready to rescind any that are limited. You can also renew any that you wish to keep. Write step two in your journal after step one. For example,

‘ I rescind any commitment or decision about life made from a place of fear, lack or low self worth’

‘I rescind any decision I made about people, especially men, that is in any way a defence against or reaction to my parent’s divorce when I was 8’

‘I want to take the next step on my path of spiritual awakening’

‘I commit to deepening my relating with my inner masculine, to be open and available to his love, service and support at all times’

You can say inwardly or outwardly the statements, paying attention to the energy and commitment that you invest in them. You are giving the statements to something greater than your small self - spirit, your higher self, whatever name resonates with you for the higher intelligence of the universe.

Step three – Wait for Grace

Now there is nothing else that you need to do, you can completely let go and trust. In the coming days be aware, mindful and open to the possibility of the fulfilment of your commitment. Write down any dreams or new awarenesses that emerge from this practice.

May the magic of Grace bless you in this practice. I would love to hear about some of your discoveries from this practice. Write to me at


Further resource: The Marriage of Spirit by Leslie Temple-Thurston


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