Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Session Information

Welcome! Session time can be anything up to 8 hours (in-person sessions begin at 90 mins) and is between £80-120 per hour. 

Talk work can be a weekly commitment via Skype. Another popular rhythm is a 90 or 120 minute in-person appointment, every fortnight; we can discuss what feels right for you. Appointments are by advance booking only.

Please contact me via email in the first instance to discuss your session [email protected]; because I work with a range of modalities, it is useful if you say something about what has led you to wanting to work with me, and what you would like to address or learn about in terms of session work. To confirm your session time a 50% deposit, via bank transfer is required for the first session booked with me.

Cancellation Policy 

Please note that I have a cancellation policy. If you book a session and cancel it within 7 days of the session date, I will charge you for the session if I am unable to find someone else to fill that session time. This is in line with many conventional psychotherapists..

Sessions are generally in London, or via Skype worldwide.