Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Recommended Teachers/Practitioners/Associates

Shakti Malan is a teacher and friend and has had a profound impact on my life and understanding of deeper sexuality and relating from within -

Being in the presence of Bernie Prior, continues to inform me of a deeper truth, that I am delighted to bring into my teaching of The Form Reality Practice

Love, compassion, presence and deep integrity are the foundations of Kalyani's "Divine Tantra" practice near Leeds. Kalyani and I studied Totality Therapy training with Shakti Malan together, and continue to support each other to discover a deeper truth.

The London School of Conscious Touch, offers unique training in embodiment, perception and sensitivity, for touch professionals. One to one supervision, one and two day intensives. 

Heart of Man is the creation of Nick Hudis, a UK-based natural health consultant, coach and group facilitator with a passion for helping men optimise health, reclaim sexual power and rediscover the deep masculine. Highly recommended!

Ateeka is a gracious and beautiful being, and beloved teacher of mine! Her teachings reflect and encourage the innate intelligence of our bio-system by bridging traditional yoga studies,  modern somatic approaches, meditative techniques and inquiry towards consciousness.

For those of you who have participated in my Making Friends With Anger day, you will know about Playfighting! I thoroughly recommend Frank & Sheila. Playfighting is energetic, dynamic, honest and liberating. Playfighting retains these qualities without the destructive aspects of real fighting – and adds fun and joy. Imagine puppies fighting playfully and you have a good idea of what playfighting’s all about.


London Faerie - Faerie is a purveyor of authentic desire, helping you to discover who you are through what you really want.

Sacred Pleasures and I have previously collaborated on Conscious Sexuality, BDSM and Tantra, their events are a beautiful place to discover yourself in all your shades and colours: conscious kink, sex positive community and personal growth - - Gendered Intelligence are an organisation that works to raise awareness and understanding of gender issues and supports and provides creative opportunities for trans individuals under the age of 25.