Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Opening To Desire, 28th & 29th April, Camden, North London. 

In the British culture particularly, there can be a tendency to hold back from our heart’s longing…so much so that it’s call is almost silent. The more buried our longing, the more tempting it can be to follow our society’s conditionality and our media’s advertising - that something from outside of us can satisfy. But it never quite does.

Join this experiential weekend and dive deeply into your relationship with YOUR desire. Discover, expand, heal and transform blocks to intimacy and embody more of your essential essence, and deepen in the wisdom of the heart.

HOW? We will be using body-based and transpersonal techniques and practices, solo, in small groups and in the group as a whole, including inquiry, somatic exercises, depth psychology, clothed Tantric practices and Radical Intimacy group process. (this is a specialised workshop, limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Radical intimacy group process is, for those who are ready, an opportunity to move through any blocks that you may be aware of, or increase self awareness in taking the next step in your life. It is a bespoke transformational piece, which the weekend builds toward, with each participant invited to engage with, guided by me).

What previous participants say...
"Kimaya's work always has a deeply profound effect on my life... she has a way of seeing through the veils and the masks right to the essence of you... and can hold the space to allow you to reveal your nature and be loved for it.

The way she worked us through pelvic exercises one workshop had quite a life-altering effect. I noticed that I'd considered myself to be really flexible and open in the hips and pelvis… but stumbled across blocks and inflexibility. I decided to do the exercises she showed me every morning… and wow it's created such a positive change. I was practically invisible to men for a while but this changed and got asked out on dates, bumping into lovely men... and started to feel like a woman again.

Thank you for holding such an exquisite space for transformation...your depth and compassion are much admired by me."

"Thank you for an amazing weekend of deep connection to self and others. The mix of individual, partner and group movement and process created a supportive and safe space to be vulnerable and explore deep desires in a way that was beyond my expectations. You led a diverse group of individuals through an amazing journey of self-discovery and made it look easy!

It was a powerful, transformative experience and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to have been part of it. I am also glad I pushed through my own fear and comfort zone enough to even hear my heart's longing. I will endeavour to keep listening. Thank you."

"Hi Kimaya, thank you for an epic, gorgeous workshop. Thank you for your respect for us all and your commitment to authenticity. I've had an enlightening night of Kundalini"

Sat 10-6pm, Sun 10-6pm

Secure yourself an Early Bird place for £160 (limited to the FIRST 6 participants, or 16th March), £190 thereafter. This is a specialised workshop with a maximum of 15 places. BOOK NOW if you know you have to join. Please email me at [email protected] for bank details. Payment secures your place.

About Kimaya...

"Sexuality is not only what we do in bed, but our entire creative aliveness"

Her early life was the catalyst for deep soul mining and birthed her dedication to the awakening of deep truth. Exploring and questioning the foundations of mainstream society, psychology and human development. An embodiment of what it takes to live a life beyond what we are taught, told or experience. She is especially gifted in her spontaneous ability to apply her wisdom, creativity and therapeutic gifts to a group dynamic in aid of transformation and awakening.

Founder of Transpersonal Somatics, a 5 pillared approach to trauma resolution and sexual/spiritual awakening that slowly emerged from her 15 years as a Transpersonal psychotherapist. She is a founding member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists in London, dedicated to the field of embodiment and human potential, also working with practitioners looking to awaken mind/body/non-duality in their client work.

She works passionately and intensely guiding individuals, couples and groups in living an embodied life of awakening and self-leadership.

She injects her abundant creative energy into the art of DJing, and can be seen at festivals and conscious events in London and further afield!

Kimaya is available for client sessions on Skype.

**BOOKING. This is a specialised workshop with a maximum of 15 places. The Early Bird price of £160 (£190 thereafter) is available for the first six places. Please email [email protected] and I will let you have my bank details to make your payment and secure your place**