Tantric Touch Body-work~ Inviting Intimacy...

Being held lovingly, with deep presence is probably the nearest we can get to an unambiguous direct experience of love.

One principle underpins all of my Tantric Touch~ session work, that of being not doing. Freed from the confines that esoteric interpretations place upon other somatic and spiritual paths, freed from any intention to heal or fix that can accompany bodywork, Tantric Touch~ is a new way of being with others in the interplay of breath, movement and stillness. Once you fully realise that I am holding you without any intention, you may find yourself surrendering deeply into being, perhaps for the first time.


My bodywork incorporates Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu), and is a relaxing and stress relieving bodywork practice that can be received in a therapeutic context, or for enjoyment and connection. A session includes whole body holding (Tantsu cradles), passive stretching, shiatsu pressure, massage techniques, contact of the energetic body, spontaneous movement and non-verbal communication. Tantsu is an opportunity to relax into non-sexual, safe intimate contact. Tantsu's "cradles," positions in which our whole body comfortably holds and moves with the receiver's body, create a sensation of deep containment in which it is safe to relax and open to a new state of wellness.



Benefits include: Breaks down and releases body armouring - Relaxes deep conditioning, patterning and trauma in the body - Cultivates a deep connection within - Balancing the nervous system, which harmonises all of the body's vital processes - Increases immune system functioning - Creates a positive environment for the body's own healing process - Promotes deeper breathing - Relaxes muscular tension - Relaxes lower back and neck tension - Encourages healthy circulation of blood - Helps to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins by encouraging movement of lymph fluid - Relieves pre-menstrual tension -  Increases vital energy - Promotes deep and restful sleep - Creates a flow of energy that balances anxiety and insomnia - Provides a restful support for individuals in recovery from accident or surgery or during treatment for chronic illnesses - Relieves mental tension and fatigue - Promotes a healthy emotional response to stressful situations - Promotes a feeling of being held and deeply nurtured.


 "The way toward each other is through our bodies. Words are the          longest distance you can travel, so complex and hazardous you lose your  direction" ~Jeni Couzyn

Tantric Touch bodywork starts at 90 mins. Please also read FAQ  and Session InfoTo make or discuss a booking please go to Contact Me.

Tantric Touch~ Sacred Spot massage...for women Yoni Healing, for men Prostate Massage

Sacred spot refers to both the G-spot in women and the prostate in men. Though the sacred spot was written about in ancient sacred sexual scriptures, the G-spot is named after a German gynecologist. In sex educator circles it has been said that "Women's response to direct stimulation of the G-spot is identical to the response of males when their prostate is stimulated...the similarities are so striking". There is a big buzz about the G-spot in pop culture and the media. One issue that is rarely discussed is sacred spot stagnation. The soft tissue of this area is sensitive toward any type of trauma, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. In the absence of love and nurturing, the surrounding muscles harden, energy stagnates and body armouring forms. Tears that have not been cried out loud are silently frozen in the sex centre.


Body armouring is another term for stuck emotion and unprocessed trauma that is lodged in the body. Just as chronic tension can show up in our backs, and stress shows up in our neck and shoulder muscles, women somatise stress and trauma in their yonis, which can show up as numbness or pain during sex and often more serious disease and dysfunction.

Increasing numbers of men over the age of fifty suffer from enlarged prostates, which causes painful or difficult urination, erection and ejaculation problems. A sacred spot massage directly affects the root chakra, and therefore is an opportunity for men to release huge amounts of tension and fear that are often at the core of lower-tract cancer and other diseases and ailments. This body-work also clears blocks and opens a channel to receive a flow of energetic support from the earth. 

Sacred spot massage can reactivate and reclaim this often neglected area in both men and women. For some, Sacred Spot Massage is uncomfortable or painful; for others, it can be ecstatic. This work is designed specifically to peel away the layers of armouring. Each time this ritual is repeated, it dissolves another layer of armouring. The more this work is done, the more vital and alive your entire sexual system becomes. And, eventually  one's experience evolves from a place of healing to a place of magic.

A minimum of 2 hours is required for the Sacred Spot Ritual and can also be combined with a Tantric Massage. Please also read FAQ  and Session Info. To make or discuss a booking please go to Contact Me.


Tantric Touch Training~ for Couples
Reawaken your sensual life, learn new ways of being together, including the joys and magic of conscious, loving touch. Discover a way of moving beyond patterns and associations that may be blocking intimacy. A very safe sacred space will be created to both learn and experience conscious loving touch and Tantric breathing, to focus sexual [life force] energy throughout the whole body. With Tantric Touch training there is no goal to reach and no right way to feel. Whatever happens for you is welcome. Every session is different; each person’s response is also different. Email to enquire. A Tantric Touch session for couples is 3 hours.

"The body too has its rights; and it will have them:  they cannot be trampled on without peril.  The body ought to be the soul's best friend.  Many good men however have neglected to make it such:  so it has become a fiend and has plagued them" ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827
Sessions are generally in East London, The City, or Angel Islington.


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