Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Terms and Conditions

Joining instructions will be emailed to you with key information in advance of every event. You are responsible for letting me know if you haven’t received the event information. Please do so by emailing [email protected] at least 72 hours before the event.

Events begin strictly at the time indicated on the website and/or the booking page. You must arrive on time, please ensure you are able to do so before booking. If you are late, you will not be able to take part in the course or event.

Full attendance is mandatory at workshops, unless you have checked in with me and I have said otherwise. The aim is to create a trusting community of people with shared vulnerability and shared journeys, a container for the work. 

You are responsible for your own well-being and safety during any event. This includes notifying me of any health conditions that may impact on others or your safe participation, including any medication that you are taking.

If you are no longer able to attend an event you have booked, please email me as soon as you know. In general, I do not offer refunds for places booked at events. It may sometimes be possible for me to find someone else to take your place; in that case, we may offer you a partial refund. Any such refunds are completely at my discretion.

If I have to cancel an event, I will return your booking fee in full. I aim to give you at least one week’s notice if that happens, and where I can, I will offer you alternative dates or courses.

In general I exclude people only if they breach my terms and conditions. However I reserve the right to exclude anyone from attending my events, without stating the reasons for doing so.

My role as facilitator is to catalyze your awareness.  What gets catalyzed in you, is yours to own, work with and take responsibility for. My assumption is that clients who are ready for my work have done enough psychological processing to be able to take responsibility for their own experience. I do not take responsibility for your experience or that of anyone else who is associated with you. I work with you within the parameters and container of the event. If you require further assistance from me, you are welcome to book more time with me.  My events do not substitute any medical or psychological support you may be requiring.

...and last, but by no means least!
Whilst the part of you that is saying YES! to more life, has booked onto my event, there is also a part of you that wants to stay small and hidden and this will show up as resistance. Resistance is so clever, it shows up in any number of ways; cancelled trains, headaches, nausea, cancelled baby-sitters...I could go on. If this appears, I suggest you say to yourself 'hello resistance, I've been expecting you, but I am attending the event anyway'. There is a space for you at my events however you are or may be feeling. Do feel welcome!