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Individual or On-going Sessions

  1. What is a Dakini?

    Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Tantra. Her whole being is devoted to the Divine/Existence/your awakening. She uses the power of the feminine, including feminine sexuality, to shatter illusions and bring the client closer to the truth of who s/he is. Being a Dakini is a deep calling that takes a lifetime of preparation, and by doing her own inner work, the Dakini becomes able to accurately read and potently respond to the awareness needs of the client. For that she uses both ordinary and extraordinary perception and abilities.

  2. What will happen during a session?

    The purpose of a private session is to catalyze your awareness to the next level of what you are ready for. How this happens and what it entails depends on how I read your energetic, emotional and physical bodies at the time that you arrive for the session. I listen to your words, but I also feel into your emotional body and your energetic field. From this place, I make an assessment as to what would be the most potent course of action for our session. Sessions are therefore not pre-planned and they are highly individualized. I use a huge range of modalities that include

    • counselling and discussion

    • conscious bodywork,

    • breathwork,

    • guided meditation,

    • processwork psychology,

    • shamanic techniques,

    • bioenergetic movement techniques,

    • nervous system repatterning

    • enactment, embodiment, roleplay, movement and sounding

    • venting and other forms of emotional exploration


  3. Who Are Sessions For?

    Sessions are for those who know there is more to life than their current experience. I often work with highly sensitive and creative people, who have experienced a high degree of trauma, which causes a variety of challenges, both in the body and on the ability to live a full life. There are no quick fixes in this work, and individuals need to have enough maturity and personal responsibility to commit to sessions. Life changing discoveries and transformation are possible, but I cannot do the work for you, and it will stretch you beyond your current life boundaries.

  4. Do Sessions Involve Sex?

    Tantra is not an advanced form of sex work, and also not another version of sexology. If you just want a sexual condition addressed and are not willing to look deeply into your perceptions of love, security, belonging and identity - then rather look for a suitable sexologist.

    Tantra is a mystery tradition that is known as a fast path for seekers of truth. One of the reasons why it is so powerful, is that it includes every aspect of our being - and so, too, our sexuality. When sexual energy is included in meditation practice, it adds tremendous power to our ability to wake up, this moment, to the truth of who we really are.

    Tantrikas work with sexuality in two ways:

    • As a gateway to access what is in the unconscious and

    • As a vehicle for deepening presence.


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Tantric Shiatsu (Tantsu)

  1. How do I prepare for a Tantric Shiatsu (Tantsu) session?

    Do not eat for at least an hour before your bodywork. You need to wear loose, comfortable clothing (with long sleeves and trouser legs. Jogging or yoga clothes are great. No belts or big zips. No jeans). It is important that you are not under the influence of drink or drugs. At the beginning of your session, there is time to discuss with me any challenges, thoughts or feelings about your session; please take the time to reflect on this in advance.

  2. I feel uncomfortable with my body, is a Tantric Shiatsu (Tantsu) session a good idea for me?

    I welcome you exactly as you are. With Tantric Shiatsu (Tantsu) I am not seeking to change any situation but to co-create a harmonious atmosphere. The cradles of Tantric Shiatsu help to create a safe environment where you can relax profoundly. As you are held in a Tantsu cradle, I am listening and responding to the spontaneous 'dance' that unfolds between us; I am often called to knead, apply pressure, stroke or stretch the body, helping your nervous system to reset and for you to experience a deeper, inner connection with your body.

  3. Will we have any sexual contact?

    No. the touch is one way, from me to you. It is important that the boundaries between us are clear and respected, enabling both of us to feel safe and relaxed during your session. Tantric Shiatsu is a profoundly intimate experience of the totality of your energy.

  4. What Else?

    After your bodywork give yourself time to integrate the experience, take it easy. You may be quite open, try to avoid crowded places and harsh environments. Emotions may come up, be with them and allow them to flow through you. This work encourages you to live beyond any habitual patterns, and you may come up against your old patterning, treat it like an old friend.

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Intimacy Coach

  1. What is an Intimacy Coach?

    I aim to educate by bringing awareness to the intimate relationship we have with ourselves first and foremost. Intimacy coaching embraces many areas, including:


    • our body and self image
    • conscious relating
    • expanding self pleasure
    • instruction in intimate touch and massage (couples only)
    • creating healing or sensual rituals
    • communicating needs and desires
    • opening up to the truth of who you are


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