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Awaken Deeper


Quotes About three quarters of the way through the (3 hour) Tantsu session with Kimaya, I was asked how I felt. "Weird" I said... It was hard to be more articulate; as the session had unfolded, thanks to Kimaya's highly skilled rightness of touch I had a raft of deeply felt sometimes contrary emotions: excited and still, mournful and joyous, ecstatic and tearful, but generally blissful. Weird it is to experience all these feelings within a couple hours and with clothes on! Kimaya's holding, gentle and attuned touch led me to an awareness of different sensations and affect in a place that felt entirely safe and containing. I will be returning as I feel like this is the beginning of an adventure in a new understanding my self and the relationship with my body. Thank you. Quotes
Senior Clinical Psychotherapist after receiving Tantsu

Quotes Yesterday I felt so very calm after your session. Whatever struggle was going on in between my heart and my mind, I was able to somehow see it in front of me and enjoy the beauty of it rather than being caught in it. I felt really happy and empowered following the session I have to say. Today, again back in my daily routine of work, I realise how easy it is to forget all these discoveries and realisations I made yesterday and to lose it and get back into a pattern. So your follow-up message and beautiful text you sent me comes as a reminder to keep the conscious perspective on things....... thanks so much for the beautifully soft, gentle and long-lasting session Kimaya! Quotes
Steve Karle (
After receiving Tantsu and The Form

Quotes I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all the healing work you did with me last weekend, on both days, I feel a great clearing in my body and a new lightness in my heart, my soul has deepened somehow and I am so grateful. People tell me I look beautiful! I think they are seeing my light inside as I haven't changed my make up ha ha. You are a wonderful warm and powerful woman, a true healer. I would very much like the chance to do some deeper work with you. I hope I get to see you again . Meanwhile much love kimaya goddess bless! Xxxx Quotes
Radical Intimacy Workshop Participant

Quotes ...Working with you was extremely powerful for me. I think together there was a connection for me to the goddess, to the feminine and to Tantra which is right for where I am and very loving and nurturing, particularly around my grief for my son. The work you did with me regarding the 'spirit' was incredibly powerful. I am very curious as to where it came from and what it means, but I don't feel it now, it seems to have dispersed and with it a darkness I hadn't even been aware of. Wow! Quotes
Radical Intimacy Workshop Participant

Quotes "Yoni healing with Kimaya was one of the most nurturing and compassionate experiences I've had. I felt completely safe and held by her and willing to allow myself to be vulnerable: in body, heart and spirit. It wasn't what I expected but that's because I couldn't have conceived what the journey would be like for me before actually spending the time with her and allowing the internal shifts that had been patiently waiting for their due attention. I am full of gratitude to Kimaya for creating and holding such a loving space and for being my trusted guide and companion in this work. Thank you, Kimaya." Quotes
Anna Sansom
Yoni Healing Client

Quotes "I had a very deep experience with Kimaya. The relaxation of my body and mind was the deepest I've experienced, especially in somebody else's hands. A beautiful sense of giving in to the unpredictable. Feeling safe and held. Letting go and letting it happen. Beautiful". Quotes
Silvia Moreno
Received Tantsu and Student of The Form

Quotes It's very reassuring to meet someone that truly cares as Kimaya does. I've learnt so much from the day! She provided a very warm, safe and welcoming space, and the exercises were dynamic, fun filled and practical. One of the most important aspects for me, is to trust my core and the qualities I inherently have as a bodyworker. How important really slowing down is and to let the embodied journey with a Client start with and within me. To give the body I'm touching space and time and to surrender to non-doing and simply be. I left the day much encouraged that the nature of my intimate touch bodywork has its foundations in a sacred temple and not in a garage. Quotes
Fernando Kalliope
Sacred Intimacy Bodyworker and Art of Embodied Touch Participant

Quotes Thank you for an amazing weekend of deep connection to self and others. The mix of individual, partner and group movement and process created a supportive and safe space to be vulnerable and explore deep desires in a way that was beyond my expectations. You led a diverse group of individuals through an amazing journey of self-discovery and made it look easy! It was a powerful, transformative experience and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to have been part of it. I am also glad I pushed through my own fear and followed my heart's longing and push my boundaries of my own comfort. Thank you. Quotes
Opening to Desire Two Day Intensive

Quotes Hi Kimaya, thank you for an epic, gorgeous workshop. Thank you for your respect for us all and your commitment to authenticity. I've had an enlightening night of Kundalini. Quotes
Opening to Desire Two Day Intensive

Quotes Kimaya's work always has a deeply profound effect on my life... she has a way of seeing through the veils and the masks right to the essence of you... and can hold the space to allow you to reveal your nature and be loved for it. The way she worked us through pelvic exercises one workshop had quite a life-altering effect. I noticed that I'd considered myself to be really flexible and open in the hips and pelvis.. but stumbled across blocks and inflexibility. I decided to do the exercises she showed me every morning.. and wow it's created such a positive change. I was practically invisible to men for a while but this changed and got asked out on dates, bumping into lovely men... and started to feel like a woman again. Thank you Kimaya for holding such an exquisite space for transformation.. .your depth and compassion are much admired by me. Quotes
Bayari Beegan
Radical Intimacy workshop participant
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