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Quotes I just wanted to say an extended thank you to you for creating and facilitating the space yesterday. I felt like I had come home in many ways, my whole being has been desperate for that human body and soul connection for some time. My mind was also greatly stimulated by the conversations and reflections we had. I think you are truly incredible, your knowledge and communication/ articulation skills are perfect- I feel so blessed to have found you! Quotes
Bliss for Women! retreat participant

Quotes I am aware of my aliveness and a new lightness and feeling of connection. My process over the weekend was so surprising in many shocking and delightful ways, I can barely believe it possible to experience so many layers, all connecting and weaving together, at once and in such a condensed time frame. How easy it was in the end to traverse barriers and boundaries, how many mirrors I discovered, how much love and how much healing was available to me - wonderful. I am reflecting on many things, in particular the power of body-work to release energies and emotions long held in ways that other therapies simply don't seem to reach. I feel strong in my vulnerability and powerful in my body and emotions, lots of questions, I feel I'm at the beginning of a journey I want to continue. Thank you for a beautiful and powerful introduction to my core self and the compassionate insight I gained into the souls of my companions who all gave something wonderful and surprising. Quotes
Through the Portals workshop particpant

Quotes ...I get a real sense of your tenacity and a quest for truth and clarity in your work with me and I deeply appreciate this Kimaya. Your capacity for truth with compassion is a balance of head and heart, and I don't come across this very often. THANK YOU. Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to thank you for last week's session and, indeed, all the sessions I've had with you. The experience has been both interesting and challenging, and has made a real difference to me... Quotes
Intimacy Coaching Client

Quotes Kimaya has been my supervisor for over a year now, and I am consistently blown away by the support she provides for me - both as a practitioner and as a human being. Kimaya is extremely perceptive, intuitive and sometimes even psychic. She can feel both me and the clients very deeply, and provides great insights and useful practical approaches that help me to take the work forward with each person. She is extremely good at spotting when I am bringing my own 'stuff' into a client situation and patient at holding space for me while I look at what's coming up for me. At the same time she is relentless (in a good way) and won't let me off the hook when I try to pass the buck or avoid the issue. Kimaya is not for the faint-hearted, as she holds up a strong clear mirror that leaves no wiggle room - but this is the thing I value most about working with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her supervision sessions to anyone who needs loving, compassionate and deep support with their client work. Quotes
London Faerie (
Supervision Client

Quotes Kimaya, thank you for being a giver, healer, holder, and truth made it safe to be seen. Quotes
Pleasure Portals workshop

Quotes Thank you for the work - it is valuable to me and I appreciate your skill and clear holding. Quotes

Quotes I recently had the sincere fortune of a session with Kimaya Crolla-Younger including psychotherapy, regressive role-play and bodywork. Fascinating, beautiful, transformative... and that's just the woman, let alone the work! Quotes
DK Green

Quotes A few weeks ago, I received a body centred child focused psychotherapy session with Kimaya. Not only was it an empowering and inner space growing moment and session with her, it is since the session that I have been able to maintain and develop that deeper connection with the child within and my body that daily brings such deepening presence, feelings and devotion. I really recommend this work... Thanks Kimaya Quotes

Quotes I writing to say a big thank you for the body map session you gave me recently. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and range of insights I got out of the session. I like the fact that the body map technique is gentle and non-intrusive but goes very deep. Our session brought out memories I've not visited for some 20 to 30 years, which were bubbling beneath the level of my conscious awareness but must have been impacting me somehow. I value the opportunity for gaining greater clarity on some of these issues in my life. I will highly recommend the technique to others and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you! Quotes
Body Psychotherapy Client