Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper


Quotes You are an artist! Quotes
Tantric Touch Client

Quotes Kimaya's approach is a beautiful blend of comfort, confidentiality and wisdom. You feel in very safe hands as she artfully takes you through the process. I didn't quite know what to expect, but I trusted her to work with me in a gentle, expansive way. I was totally convinced by the end that something special had happened and that my energy was recognised, honoured and set more free. Kimaya is a down-to-earth, naturally talented, intuitive woman who can help you get more in touch with your spiritual self. I highly and unreservedly recommend her. Quotes
Energy shifting Skype session Client

Quotes ...thank you, it was an amazing experience! Quotes
Bliss for Women! participant

Quotes Dear Kimaya, thank you deeply for such a nurturing, loving and rejuvenating experience. It was so beautiful to be in the company and arms of the divine feminine...lucky me, feeling blessed indeed. Quotes
Carol Last
Tantric Touch Client

Quotes Unbelievable...Never in my life have I experienced anything like that. That was utterly sensational!!! I feel reborn, but even that seems an inadequate description. Thank you. Quotes
Sacred Spot Ritual Client

Quotes ...thank you deeply for last night and your evening of Bliss and Touch and Woman and Sisterhood... My entire Being is humming Quotes
Bliss for Women! participant

Quotes That was out of this world...I've died and gone to Heaven! Quotes
Tantric Touch Client

Quotes "...I have felt (since our session) totally calm and peaceful. I'm blown away by the depth of love, patience and insight you shared with me. Thank you goddess!" Quotes

Quotes I have known Kimaya for about four years now and over that time have engaged with her on possible consultancy and coaching projects. In doing so she has always proved to be professional, knowledgeable and keen to really understand before making a recommendation. More recently, I had cause to engage her services personally. I found her ability to 'see' me, i.e. to listen, question, challenge, provoke and engage me, most helpful in both getting to the heart of my 'problem' and also in the way she enabled me to work it through to a conclusion. Kimaya has a rare talent for being present and being able to intuitively know what intervention is needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Quotes
Coaching Client

Quotes The sweetness on our faces and the light in our eyes at the end of the evening was joyous to be a part of. I'm not the same woman who walked in here at the beginning of the evening! Quotes
Bliss For Women! participant