Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper


Quotes I can honestly say I have never felt so safe, both in my body or in the arms of another Quotes
Client learning to love her body and develop intimacy skills

Quotes Kimaya, the words I find best describe the experience are: sacred, structured, safe. HEAVENLY! Quotes
Bliss For Women! participant

Quotes We've been married 21 years and it was a big step for us to invite another person (you) into such an intimate space. Your Tantric Touch session has transformed our relationship into a big WOW! Quotes
Carmella and Henry
Married Couple

Quotes After only one session with you, I feel totally relaxed and comfortable in my body. I trust you Quotes
Sacred Sexual Healing Client

Quotes I can honestly say I don't ever remember feeling so loved and nurtured through touch. Thank you! Quotes
Tantric Touch Client
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