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Awaken Deeper

Deeper Than the Drama: Explorations In Consciousness, Sat 14 July, NW1, 11am-1pm, £20

Does this sound familiar?

A common conundrum I hear is that people have a wonderful time on retreat; reach new insights and clarity, but often struggle to bring the unity to life back home; with work colleagues, friends and especially family, falling into the same behaviour patterns and complaints. How to find a way to bring the new awakening to every day life?

Many of us are devoted to awakening in one form or another. The path(s) for us are becoming more and more diverse; through the many religions, mystical traditions, guru disciple relationship, yoga, shamanism, I could go on. Gone are the days where awakening is a hobby – for weekends, mountaintops and the select few.

We want the awakening to include all of us, all that we’ve kept away from it so far. This is for those who are drawn to fully awakening, and who long to bring it into, what Osho used to call ‘the Market Place’.

We want more.

We want people we can feel, those who walk their talk, not the do what I say attitude of our ancestors.

We must be those people.

Come join me in Deeper than the Drama.

We will explore many ways to Go Deeper:
• Non-Duality - Having a preference for one side of a duality is the cause of all conflict, suffering, wars and separation. If we explore our own preferences, bring them more into view, life really gets interesting. Taking back projections and acknowledging all feelings as ‘the one’ is vital to non-violent relating.
• Feel more balanced and at peace in the personality, by clearly seeing what’s hidden in how we communicate.
• Differentiate between the sub-conscious, conscious and experiencing life from the mystical deep. Learning how to take ourselves less seriously, more meaningfully.
• Cultivate intimacy without enmeshment and learn how to relate clearly and directly.
• Discover how to, dare I say, enjoy, our differences by having the heart to allow them.
• Learn how to harness the energy of conflict & to engage it directly, skillfully, and with an open heart.

This 2 hour workshop is experiential where we will learn skills how to move through the challenging times that we're facing on the planet right now, and engage in simple practices that bring new consciousness into the body.

Through opening to sensations in the body, I will guide you to a greater capacity to feel, and to notice what is happening inside when we are speaking about something we react to.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Students of inner work, those on a healing path, change makers, practitioners, group leaders, those wanting to embody true compassion, including every aspect of the human experience.

This event is for you if:
There is an openness to seeing beyond psychology, where we've been wronged and trauma, that lovingly includes it (both yours and the seeming other); this is key. We must be willing to look.

HOW? We will be diving deep into the fabric of humanity and beyond, as it presents itself in the group and the individual. Through sharing and discussion, practice dialogue, where we ‘take back projections’. Guided visualisations, somatic, trauma-sensitive meditations, all body-based, where we discover how to go ‘Deeper than the Drama’ in our lives and relationships. Taking away powerful tools of understanding to integrate into the every day; in the group as a whole, small groups and in pairs. I would love to welcome you.

INVESTMENT: £20 per session in advance, via Eventbrite link here, or £25 on the door (arrive promptly at 11am). For concessions £15 (in advance only. Send via PayPal to

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring some bottled water to drink.

Upper Room
8 Greenland Street
Camden Town
(less than a 5 minute walk from Camden Town station on the Northern Line)

About me
I am passionate on the theme of healing violence, war and separation, and the trauma that we have and continue to experience from this; also of increasing conscious awakening. This event, whilst there is a knowing that non-duality is the truth, our experience of separation from our youth influences us, and the more aware of this we become, the more loving we are invited to be. The work is shaped from my own traversing through the landscapes of complex trauma, and over fifteen years in private practice as a psychotherapist, coach and group facilitator, and more than twenty years as a spiritual student in various disciplines, including A Course In Miracles, Transpersonal/Sufi practices and ecstatic poetry. And 20 years of ‘coming into the body’; in my experience, the most successful place to reach complex trauma which occurred before one had words. 10 years ago, surprisingly, arriving to a point that Tantra was the path, after which time completing an extensive training with Shakti Malan and sitting with Tantric master B. Prior for the last 6 years. My complete body of work, Tantric Activism, for the digital age we live in, is the foundation of knowing the one heart.

I will be adding more information and case histories in the discussion, do keep coming back, and I would love to meet you at my very first offering of this on 14th July :).

What people say about Kimaya...

"Absolute respect for Kimaya; her integrity, experience, presence, ability to guide, support and hold a group or one to one are exceptional" received on 1st July 2018

"The day was profound for me. I was so moved by your depth and presence. You are so ego-less in your work, no wonder you make such a difference. I had many realisations, particularly with lost friendships - I can now see that my communication had been violent" Claire 2018

INVESTMENT: £20 per session in advance, via Eventbrite link here, or £25 on the door (arrive promptly at 11am). For concessions £15 (in advance only. Send via PayPal to

Case Study
I would love to see you at the first of these Saturday morning events, once a month. I am writing more and more case studies of spiritual people (often secretly) struggling to bring it to ordinary life. Here’s the first one, a dedicated yogi. 

Jason* was 46 and had built a successful yoga business. People loved him and his integrity, so passionate was he about yoga and its potential of opening one’s inner life, whilst building a strong, yet flexible core in the body. He wanted me to know how spiritual he was, telling me many amazing examples his friends and clients bestowed upon him.

Several weeks went by. I noticed a beautiful light around his head, and a gradual relaxation of the body. The first couple of weeks, his body was very still and upright, I felt as a result of control and not that he had given himself to the yoga. His body was beginning to reveal more, and with it, his age. He was fidgeting, couldn’t make eye contact. I commented on this, saying he seemed around 13 years old. This reflection seemed to make him immediately go within, closing his eyes and going into a space of stillness and meditation. I could feel his heart and I took a long breath. A few tears slowly slid down his face. This time was the first he revealed something that he would regard as ‘unconscious’, which he wanted me to know that he wasn’t, coming back to the glowing examples from his friends and clients.

He felt great shame over how he was sometimes with his two teenage boys. His behaviour felt driven, having no control over it. His own father had been very strict with him, and he felt quite terrified of not following his orders, feeling shame that he couldn’t ‘man up’ to him, deciding he would never be like this man.

It took Jason quite a while before he could acknowledge his more difficult tendencies, wanting to say it was because his son made him do it, that he most definitely wasn’t anything like his father, or he was doing it because he cared for and loved his sons, coming again back to the amazing comments that his friends and clients said about him being spiritual. He wasn’t making eye contact with me when he was talking, just glancing up at me every few sentences, eventually saying “it’s like there’s a tyrant inside of me”, looking me straight in the eyes.

His body was energised now that he was acknowledging the tyrant; I asked him this tyrant’s name?

“The Hidden Assassin”, and a big smile. Then he went on to tell me all about this one over the next hour. It was a joy to witness these previously denied parts. Jason was beginning to be able to find some compassion for the scared little boy in him, and some self-forgiveness for how much he’d condemned himself for not being able to stand up to his father and the way he behaved with his teenage boys. No longer using yoga retreats in the mountains as a spiritual bypass, nor needing his friends and clients to say he’s amazing.

*Details are changed enough for this client to be unidentifiable.

INVESTMENT: £20 per session in advance, via Eventbrite link here, or £25 on the door (arrive promptly at 11am). For concessions £15 (in advance only. Send via PayPal to