Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Erotic Devotion And The Power Of The Virgin, 22 May 9.30-5.30, London SW9

Today, in the West, there seems to be more sexual freedom than ever before, but therapists and educators in the field do not cease to tell us that, when it comes to sex, many still experience a great deal of shame, guilt, uncertainty and suffering. I believe that the root of this lay in our first sexual awakenings. NOW IS THE TIME for a sexual rebirth!

It’s never too late to be a virgin! Don’t believe me? Come and discover for yourself, in this transformative day of powerful Tantric ritual and awakening process, designed to re-set your relationship to your sexual energy and ways you use it. This day has the power to completely change your life! 

Discovering the qualities and power of the virgin, gives you a fresh way of being, where life becomes a celebration, with an ability to be new in your relationships (no matter how long you’ve been together) and in all of life, seeing the world and each other with fresh eyes.

There are few rites of passage in our culture to celebrate our awakening sexuality, so not only do we end up creating false beliefs about sex that underpin our relationship with life and eros, but how our sexual energy moves in our genitals and body become set as a patterned response that runs on autopilot. NOW is the time to change that!

We tend to think that we ‘lose’ our innocence and purity, but the deeper truth is that these transpersonal qualities are available to us, right now …

The possibilities of what can open for you from this day are endless, but include… 

- Discovering beliefs and attitudes that hold you back sexually

- Claim a ‘rite of passage’ in your nakedness and eros, no matter what your age!

- Discover NEW pathways to erotic pleasure

- Clear layers of sexual guilt and shame

- Loosen your need to control life and relationships

- Awaken to a deeper truth of eros, the Transpersonal sexual body

- Awaken the soulmate within

- Come into a fuller sexual awakening than you’ve known previously

- Dropping deeply into the space of the virgin, one that includes your eros

- Exploring your inner erotic energy with a witnessing, loving presence

- Mindful self-pleasuring

- Inner devotion ritual (inner marriage) where you commit to your own erotic devotion


You will be assigned to and be a part of a triad (you can also book as a three). With ritual, and guided experiential Tantric practices, that invite a dropping deeply into your body and energy.


Concession: £98

Regular Price: £120

The concessionary price is for those who earn less, otherwise please choose the regular price. TO BOOK, go to the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

All practical information, including how to prepare for the day, the exact address and what to bring, is sent to you once your place is confirmed.

I think the testimonials below get across something of the richness and textures of this powerful process...and give you the courage to join the day. I am also happy to have a conversation with you, if that would be helpful. To arrange, please drop me an email in the first instance, I've made a few short videos about the day and the process below. Do have a watch and more to come!

One mature man's experience...

"This was a beautiful experience. It gave me a clearer realisation as to how little my sexuality was celebrated, it was more assumed, but to be ignored because the only recognised expressions of sexuality was in “being a man” in the sense of not showing feelings and being tough, or masturbating. The He-man toughness terrified me and the second was jeered at and regarded as smuty although we all did it. Exploring my body in this exercise I "discovered"my chest hair and the memory that as a 16 yr old [ before I had body hair,] thinking I wasn't man enough to have a hairy chest, when the reality is that it is a fairly late secondary sexual characteristic.. in the exercise I realised that this was the heart area of my body and it led to a sense of my man’s heart which was not given real space and recognition in adolescance . Doing it as a trio with two women, one of whom was my partner, was wonderfully endorsing and affirming, especially as we had all felt our sexuality ignored or squashed as adolescents." Nat

One young man's experience...

"For me, the workshop gave me the chance to talk about personal events that I had never shared with anybody else. As a result, I now feel more open and I thank you for holding the space." This participant had a profound kundalini awakening at the end of the process.

A testimonial from Turiya, a woman who took part in this process recently... 

"This workshop was a surprise that I hadn't looked for, but it turned into a delight that I now cherish. The title has only meant something to me now, as I sit down to write some feedback about my experience of the process.

My invitation to take part in the workshop came from a surprise source. I started that particular day with a conscious longing to be "wanted." A short while later, a woman I barely knew asked if I'd like to join her and her husband, to participate in whatever unknown experience was on offer. With a little nervous hesitation, I accepted their offer gladly as they directly met my expressed desire for the day, to be wanted.

The details become a little blurred after that - besides the moments of Erotic Devotion. Without wanting to give too much away...I experienced a profound time of slow and delicious erotic devotion within my threesome. And in the midst of that, I broke through an old wound that used to be tied up in a pretty erotic fantasy I had, and as it played out, I saw something that restored me to a place of childhood innocence that over-flowed with a burst of laughter. I can't fully explain how, but the piece of my personal puzzle that was touched in that moment, restored a part of my virgin self that in her innocence, had been lost in shame for many years. Thank you Kimaya x"

Regular Price £120

Concession £98