Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Body Based Therapy

"I am not here to fulfill your expectations. If I fulfill your expectations I will never be able to transform you. I am here to destroy all your expectations, I am here to shock you. And in those shocking experiences your mind will stop. You will not be able to figure it out - and that is the point where something new enters you" ~Osho

We've been trained our whole lives to either look to the past or project onto the future to know who we are, and we invest much of our energy into keeping this in place. 

I am a catalyst and guide to support and facilitate your self inquiry, bringing increased awareness, understanding and self-acceptance. Sessions are unique to the individual, different techniques will be appropriate for different people at different times;  some will focus on "talk therapy", others on "bodywork" including breath-work, gestalt dialogue, guided visualisation, techniques to inhabit the body more fully, there may be movement or meditation. I work in a very intuitive and organic way, without expectation of what methods will be used or the outcomes of sessions. This work is suitable for all genders and relationships of any sexual orientation, on a one-off or on-going basis.

"The body holds an amazing amount of wisdom. Each cell has a memory of this wisdom and you can learn to access it and trust it"

Sessions may include focus on the following ‘themes’

  • Discovering the truth of who you are, beyond your 'story' and conditioning 
  • Cultivating more energy and vitality
  • Boundary work (exploring your 'Yes' and 'No')
  • Exploring trauma still 'alive' in your system
  • Cultivating a deep inner connection with oneself - Inner child healing
  • Moving away from relationships based on fear, control & manipulation and developing qualities of the heart
  • Releasing guilt, shame and fear around sexuality
  • Self acceptance, body-image, intimacy
  • Women: moving from the ‘Armoured Amazon’ to the Divine Feminine
  • Awakening and cultivating the subtle sexual body
  • Clear blocks & access vital life force/Chi/Sexual Energy
  • Conscious use of breath/Raising sexual energy up the chakras

Sessions are generally in London, or via Skype. Fees are between £80-120 per hour.  Book a Session