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Awaken Deeper

Magic of Shakti  | A Monthly Group For Women, by Women | 6th November, 2-6pm - Private Salon, North London | £35

The Magic of Shakti is an invitation to all women by Kimaya and Bayari.

The Hindu tradition considers women the vessels of Shakti, a dynamic energy that is responsible for creation, maintenance, and destruction of the universe. When women gather together in an unconditionally loving space, the opportunity to naturally reveal more of our true essence becomes available. We invite you to an afternoon to relax and be heard, honoured and appreciated, in a lightly held space. The Magic of Shakti.

Each gathering has a theme - and this time our theme is awakening the wild heart

Join us for a potent, transformational afternoon - first we will discover the old bonds of the heart – those unconscious beliefs that hold us back from deeper love. 

Then we will move into ritual space, powerfully and beautifully dissolving the bonds – and step into the wild heart that is calling to us in every moment. 

To support us there's an elixir for our ritual - plus we'll enjoy celebratory cake and teas to bring our gathering to a close. 

£35 or £30 concessions - all inclusive, simply bring your beautiful self.



Feel free to email 

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Big love, Bayari & Kimaya xx

About us

Kimaya..."Sexuality is not only what we do in bed, but our entire creative aliveness"

My early life was the catalyst for deep soul mining and birthed my dedication to the awakening of deep truth. Exploring and questioning the very foundations of what our current understanding of psychology and development put forward. The idea that we need parents, the real possibilities beyond trauma. An embodiment of what it takes to live a life beyond what we are taught or told. 

My work is a living Tantra, a Transpersonal expression that includes the personal, spanning 30 years as a corporate trainer, psychotherapist and coach; guiding individuals, couples and groups in living an embodied life of awakening and self-leadership. 

I inject my abundant creative energy into the art of DJing, and can be seen at festivals and conscious events in London and further afield! a sensual alchemist and has a passion for nurturing others through food and touch. She co-creates and holds space for uplifting events