Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Opening To Love, Feel Safe In Your Body. 25 June, 2-6, London N5. Women Only.

Join this meeting of women at this mid-Summer time, where we will sit in circle, and invite ourselves fully to what it means to Open to Love... 

• Cultivate a stillness as awesome as the Himalayas, that supports the aliveness in your womanly body!

• Feel a deep intimacy and safety with and in your body, essence and all of life.

• Feel alive and Juicy, nothing to do with age! 

So many of us have a strong desire - a yearning - to let life, love, sensuality and pleasure flow through us with more ease. And yet, often we can feel in fight or flight mode, that keeps us from the flow that we know is possible - even if we have never experienced it before. I have spent many years supporting individuals in identifying and clearing the main obstacles to accessing the flow of sensual and sexual aliveness in their bodies, lives and relationships. 

HOW? We will talk, laugh, be real with one another. I will guide you in Tantric and embodiment practices and meditations, to open your inner and somatic landscapes. You will leave more YOU! I would love to welcome you.

With love, Kimaya x

Investment £35, or 30 concession. 10 places maximum. Payment in advance only, thank you! Via PayPal links below.

I also offer private one-to-one sexual awakening for women sessions here.