Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Sexual Awakening For Women

• Clear the blocks to full aliveness in your womanly body

• Unlock the doors to your sexual awakening

• Feel a deep intimacy and safety with and in your body, essence and all of life

• Gender Embodiment

• Feel alive and Juicy, nothing to do with age! 


So many of us have a strong desire - a yearning - to let life, love, sensuality and pleasure flow through us with more ease. And yet, there are blocks in the way that keep us from the flow that we know is possible - even if we have never experienced it in our lives.


I have spent more than a decade supporting women in identifying and clearing the main obstacles to accessing the flow of sensual and sexual aliveness in their bodies, lives and relationships.

In my work with women, a general theme is a sense of disconnection with our sexual essence.

"I don't feel like a woman", is such a common statement I hear in women (men feel similar too). There is good reason for this...we are not living within the internal space of our body.

It doesn't matter how much make-up, clothes or even botox we have, we still don't quite feel our gender. Or our Sexuality. Are they even separate?

Sexual awakening must facilitate a slow descent into our bodies...and we will discover that our sexuality is not just in the genital area...but flows through every cell of our being!

"Yoni" is the Hindu Tantric word for vagina! And the sexual healing that I offer in my clinic is non-invasive, meaning no penetration. In my experience, I do not feel women need more penetration, but actually less. And there are a few reasons for this.

 "Orgasm can be a way to avoid intimacy." 

The other thing I noticed was how much orgasm was an avoidance of intimacy. "What do you mean, Kimaya, surely orgasm is the main point of intimacy" I hear you cry! 

The orgasmic response becomes quite a habitual pattern through the body…and in many of us, once sexual energy is aroused, we can become orgasm focused, and we are no longer present for ourselves, or anyone else for that matter! 

I was seeing a general pattern in the women who reached out to me, in that there was a sense of urgency, of getting ‘it’ sorted out. And, often, these were women who had not self-pleasured or touched themselves intimately in any way, in years. And yet they had a mindset that within half an hour of arriving at my clinic, they would be having a penetrative healing session. 

This is crazy!! But a reflection of the level of disconnect in our bodies.

I will use the metaphor of a flower to describe a yoni. She is a flower, the flower of all life…and flowers are at various states of being open. If they are a bud, we don’t start criticising them and say “come on, open!!” We can see how ridiculous that would be! We can also put quite big expectations on our buds opening.

And sometimes they do not want to open. And it’s vital we don’t override this response, but gently be with it. To make gentle, tender contact. It is only when we are able to be with what is, that any new possibility becomes available. Deeply surrendering to this place of closing (the example I’m using here).

Another reason is all of our ‘unmet’ dependency needs get pushed into our erotic response, and this can be overwhelming and confusing. Gentle and slow is the way!

My bodywork sometimes incorporates Tantsu (Tantric Shiatsu). A session includes whole body holding (Tantsu cradles), passive stretching, shiatsu pressure, massage techniques, contact of the energetic, subtle sexual bodies, spontaneous movement and non-verbal communication (and very often there is verbal too). Tantsu's "cradles," positions in which our whole body comfortably holds and moves with the receiver's body, create a sensation of deep containment in which it is safe to relax and open to a new state of wellness.

Fees are between £80-£120 per hour.

Your feeling of safety is of paramount importance to me. I am happy to have a Skype with you, for us to 'meet'. Just ask. My email is