Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

The pure meaning of Tantra is to awaken. It’s not just about a limited sexual expression. Tantric activism is the future of Tantra, for the digital age we live in. Where are the temples now? WE are the temples. It’s not good enough for Tantra to be an isolated subject that we learn about at the weekends, but a living Tantra that can become a blueprint for how we live and approach life. The key to this blueprint is an emphasis on non-duality as a way of living/being, anchored in the heart of a deep spiritual knowing/becoming.

HOW? I am teaching introductions to this approach at festivals this Summer 2017,  International Festival of Tantra & Sexuality in Poland, 30 June - 8 July, and at Osho Leela Sex to Spirit Festival, 8-13 August. With solo and partner experiential Tantric practice, movement and meditation, these introduction workshops will open you to an exquisite taste of this ‘future’, in the here and now. A radical intimacy. I use tools that work at the level of the mind AND ones that are more multi-dimensional, as well as experiential exercises with the body, that give you a direct experience of the relationship dynamics that block intimacy and play out in the dramas of our lives. The time is now! Are you interested to know more about individual sessions, to dive deep into the mystery of you? Yes I am!

Bespoke Tantra Trainings. Invest in this life changing process, Sexuality is our birthright and the very foundation of life. Receive a welcome into your heart and sex, a welcome that you have longed for your entire life.the Erotic Awakening Process The Transpersonal Sexual Body. "Sexuality is not only what we do in bed...but our entire creative aliveness". The intimacy with the Self that this approach invites, equates to Tantra not being a set of techniques imposed from the outside. Rather, the method emerges naturally from one’s relationship with the Self/self and with life. A path that Andrew Harvey calls Radical Embodiment. Through my Erotic Awakening process, something alive and new can be awakened. And celebrated! Sexuality is given to the heart and no longer is about survival.

The Life Change Intensive28 Nov - 3 Dec 2017, is time away from your normal schedule, time invested in YOU. Designed to give valuable insights around the big themes in life, you will be lovingly challenged to dive deeply beneath the surface of yourself, to what has brought you to this very moment, and provided with a safe space for deep, inner life changing discoveries, exploration, acceptance and transformation. 

Making Friends With Anger - Have you ever wondered where your authentic power is hiding?

- Discover the difference between distorted and healthy anger

- Becoming aware of resentment & bitterness

- How anger can deepen your capacity for intimacy

- Understand the root of anxiety and depression

- Discover a healthy way to be around anger - yours and others

- Meet your roar of YES and NO!

- Release resentment and be free to love

- Power, Control and Anger.

This day is unique, with previous participants saying they had never spoken about nor explored their understanding of how this powerhouse emotion is uniquely experienced for them. Anger is an emotion that can be hard to let ourselves feel. Particularly in the British culture, the tendency is to hide behind a polite face, but what we avoid or suppress starts to dull our life force. 

Anger is an emotion that can be very useful. It can urge us to our power, or to setting boundaries, or making choices. The problem is that we seldom experience anger directly linked to its source. For instance, we get angry because someone does something that reminds us of someone from our past, and this current experience of anger is filtered through this past lens, adding to what is unresolved. We need to gently find a way through.

HOW? This transformational day is shaped from my own traversing through the landscapes of anger and trauma, and over ten years in private practice as a psychotherapist, coach and group facilitator. We will be diving deep into the nuances of this ‘negative’ feeling, exploring your own anger landscape and it’s origins, in the group as a whole, and in a triad, with body-based exercises and techniques, some sharing and discussion, movement and meditation, where we discover how to ‘Make friends with anger’ in our lives and relationships. Taking away powerful tools of understanding to integrate into life. You will also take away my Making Friends With Anger ebook.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Anyone wanting to be more at ease around this powerful emotion, and it’s impact on our bodies, health and relationships, both in and out of the bedroom.