Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

Tantric Shiatsu (Tantsu) 

One principle underpins Tantsu, that of being not doing. Freed from any intention to heal or fix that can accompany bodywork, Tantric Shiatsu is a new way of being together in the interplay of breath, movement and stillness. 

Once you fully realise that I am holding you without any may find yourself surrendering deeply into being... perhaps for the first time.

Tantsu is a reconnective, deeply relaxing and stress relieving bodywork practice that can be received in a therapeutic context, or for enjoyment and connection. A session includes whole body holding (Tantsu cradles), passive stretching, shiatsu pressure, massage techniques, contact of the energetic body, spontaneous movement and non-verbal communication. 

An opportunity to relax into non-sexual, safe, intimate contact. 

Tantsu's 'cradles', positions in which my whole body comfortably holds and moves with yours, create a sensation of deep containment in which it is safe to relax and open to a new state of wellness. 

In a soft meditative environment... the gentle contact with my body and the holding without intention, causes a natural release and dissolve of past traumas and emotional anxieties from as early as prenatal life. 

In my arms you are held, with limbs gently moved... you begin to drop deeper into the experience, eventually almost weightlessly floating into a space of deep let go, rejuvenating your body, mind, heart and spirit.The stillness, holding and grounding Shiatsu pressure, work to unwind and re-balance your

nervous system... to open you to the wonderful potential of inner peace and harmony. Reconnecting you to your subconscious healing powers and to your origin in the ocean of life.

Tantsu invites you to receive what you have missed since the beginning of your life – a beautiful welcoming to existence. The potential to experience an extraordinary state of well-being - a state that you may have not met before.

'Being held lovingly, with deep presence is probably the nearest we can get to an unambiguous direct experience of love'.

The profound benefits of Tantsu treatments include: 

  • a breaking down and release of body armouring (see more below)
  • a relaxation of deep conditioning 
  • nervous system repatterning
  • myofascial release 
  • dissolves patterning and trauma 
  • cultivates a deep intimate connection within
  • balancing the nervous system, which harmonises all of the body's vital processes 
  • increases immune system functioning
  • Regular sessions can overcome anxiety, establishing a new dimension of trust and intimacy in your relationship with yourself and others
  • creates a positive environment for the body's own healing process
  • promotes deeper breathing
  • relaxes muscular tension
  • relaxes lower back and neck tension
  • encourages healthy circulation of blood 
  • helps to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins by encouraging movement of lymph fluid  
  • relieves pre-menstrual tension
  • increases vital energy
  • promotes deep and restful sleep 
  • creates a flow of energy that balances anxiety and insomnia
  • provides a restful support for individuals in recovery from accident or surgery or during treatment for chronic illnesses 
  • relieves mental tension and fatigue
  • promotes a healthy emotional response to stressful situations 
  • promotes a feeling of being held and deeply nurtured.

"The way toward each other is through our bodies. Words are the longest distance you can travel, so complex and hazardous you lose your  direction" ~Jeni Couzyn

Tantric Shiatsu conscious starts at 90 mins. To make or discuss a booking please go to Book A Session.

Whole Body De-armouring~ 
Finding Freedom Again 

Body armouring is another term for stuck emotion and unprocessed trauma that is lodged in the body. Tantric Shiatsu provides an environment that begins to dissolve physical and energetic holding patterns, and allow energy to flow freely through your body. We are taught to place much emphasis on cognitive tasks and productivity, and we literally “take leave of our senses” and experience a major disconnection from our body’s natural intelligence.

We’ve all been raised in a disembodied world – sitting at desks for far too many hours, squinting at screens, learning largely through our brains alone – and thinking of our bodies like machines we need to discipline, fuel and fix.  We tend to be in the front of our bodies mainly, usually the upper body and head, and even leave our bodies to relate to one another! See if this is true for you. 

By dropping deep into your body, you will discover your true essence, which has nothing to do with your external appearance

The more embodied we become, the more we move from a natural place of essence; we experience our own uniqueness directly; our own unique experience of gender for example, when we fully inhabit our pelvis and sexual organs. 

We receive many messages of how to be a girl or boy, messages from our particular culture, media and familial environment, and these messages form imprints in the soft clay of our bodies. I often hear clients say ‘I feel genderless’, and this is a reflection of a lack of embodiment, which can result in an overcompensation to be more masculine, or feminine, which simply doesn’t work. Macho men and femme fatales are but a facsimile of what is truly possible when we inhabit our essence.  We no longer need to listen to the outside messages when we have a direct experience of who we really are.

Give your mind a mini-break and be deeply touched and held like never before. From the words of one stressed out City gent, who was utterly transformed in two hours "This extraordinary treatment is something I have been looking to experience what feels like my whole life. It takes place in baby-like 'cradles', and stretches and realigns the body. It feels gloriously liberating, as long as you don't mind being cuddled in the arms of a stranger!"

I work very slowly, tenderly and with your body's responses at all times (you may discover that your body has quite different ideas to your mind!), if you are seeking a quick fix, I am not for you. Session time begins at 90 mins. Please also read FAQ and Book a Session Contact Me form

Sessions are in North London.