Kimaya Crolla-Younger

Awaken Deeper

The Tantric Breath. Saturday 10th November, 11am-1pm, North London, nw1. £30 in advance, £20 concession. £35 on the door.


“The Tantric Breath experience brings us to a still resting in our 

  core energy centre. Through conscious, connected breathing,

  and gentle movement, the moment opens up – to pleasure, 

  your natural state of bliss and sexual energy flow. Anything is 


Many people come to breathwork having spent years in therapy, meditation courses and a daily yoga practice only to find there was a level that all that work never touched. Many report more transformation in a few sessions than they’ve had in years. Transformational breathing can complement any individual therapy or groupwork that you're engaging in.

- If you’re older, breathwork can help you feel younger.
- If you’re anxious, breathwork can help you feel safer, stronger and more at peace.
- If you’re tired, it will bring you energy.
- If you’re wired, it will sooth you.

Breathwork brings oxygen deep into your blood and tissues. It releases powerful, healing hormones in your body.

My approach to breathwork is different than most. In my classes, you will be guided through the Hindu Tantric energy centers of your body, the chakras.

This Tantric breathwork journey through the body is a method of self-empowerment which uses conscious, connected breathing to release stress, create relaxation and awaken the body to its natural birthright of physical and spiritual well-being.

I have been facilitating breathwork for the last 8 years in groups and individual sessions, and it’s the most powerful and direct practice I’ve ever come across to de-stress, facilitate freedom, bliss and healing to our bodies. I will guide you through this gentle and empowering journey.

HOW? This event is in four parts. Firstly you will find and settle into your space (this is a solo practice) and relax as I go through the introduction. Then the main Tantric Breath practice of around 1 hour, which I will guide you through. Then a short hugging section (it's fine if you want to sit out), which is especially important for any feelings of isolation or fragmentation that may have been stirred up with the breath. Finally, there is space to sit together and share. The journey is guided by me, with powerful music to facilitate your deeper awakening. I would love to welcome you.

The music to accompany us is a carefully created set, with a specific attunement to each chakra.

Investment £30 per session in advance, via PayPal link below, or £35 on the door (Please arrive promptly at 11am, particularly if you are new to breathwork. The event ends at 1pm at the latest). For concessions £20 (in advance only. Either send via PayPal to or PM for my bank details to make a transfer).

Magdalen Centre (next to St Mary's Church)

Eversholt Street

Kings Cross

  • a 6 minute walk from Mornington Crescent on the Northern Line.
  • a 5 minute walk from Euston station on various tube and mainline options

I also offer private one-to-one breathwork and awakening sessions here.

Here’s what people say about the Tantric Breath…

“I will be sending all my friends to you!”

“Thank you so much for your workshop, I had an incredible experience. I did a tantric rebirthing in Thailand once which was a similar breath but lying down, but I didn’t feel safe, so nothing happened. Sitting down & focusing on each chakra brought it all way more into life.”

“This Tantric Breath workshop was a precious experience, not only of Kimaya as a caring and knowledgeable facilitator but also of my own interior journey. Her "chakra" approach helps to scan our body with emotions and her technique is efficient in bringing awareness to the parts that need support. Because of the fire element, creative, intellectual, releasing, transformative and energising, my session was powerful, and I left ready to face my clients that afternoon more centred and self-reliable. I highly recommend to get familiar with Kimaya's practice. Go as deep as you need, you are tapping into your primeval life source.”

The Magdalen Centre

What to wear and what to bring:

The practice is sitting upright, and there are chairs available for this. At the very end there is an invitation to lie down and you need to bring something to lie on for this to make yourself comfortable; something like a yoga mat or sheepskin.

• Wear loose comfortable clothing, in layers. (I like to wear a piece of knitwear I have with a hood)

• A sarong or blanket to cover yourself with at the relaxation stage ♥ 

• A blindfold, or something to use as one (optional)

• Bottled water for you to drink

10th November,11am-1pm, North London. Pay £30 with button below.

I very much look forward to welcoming you.

Your safety and well-being is of paramount importance; please take the time to read my Terms and Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions


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My role as facilitator is to catalyze your awareness. What gets catalyzed in you, is yours to own, work with and take responsibility for. My assumption is that clients who are ready for my work have done enough psychological processing to be able to take responsibility for their own experience. I do not take responsibility for your experience or that of anyone else who is associated with you. I work with you within the parameters and container of the event. If you require further assistance from me, you are welcome to book more time with me. My events do not substitute any medical or psychological support you may be requiring.

...and last, but by no means least!


Whilst the part of you that is saying YES! to more life, has booked onto my event, there is also a part of you that wants to stay small and hidden and this will show up as resistance. Resistance is so clever, it shows up in any number of ways; cancelled trains, headaches, nausea, cancelled baby-sitters...I could go on. If this appears, I suggest you say to yourself 'hello resistance, I've been expecting you, but I am attending the event anyway'. There is a space for you at my events however you are or may be feeling. Do feel welcome!